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4 Writing Mistakes I Wish I Knew About Before

Hi Guys, I wanted to take some time out in this intro to thank everyone that has taken the time out to not only read my debut novel The Hunt, but also leave me a review on Amazon. Your feedback has been amazing in helping me improve so much on my writing and storytelling. Ignited (Book 2 of the Consumed by Heat Trilogy) is almost ready for your shelves, and I’m excited to utilize all the feedback I've received to keep entertaining you on every page.

Okay, now that we've got the housekeeping tasks out the way, I thought it would be great if I discussed with you the top four mistakes that would have saved me a lot of time and energy if I had known about them when I was first diving into fiction writing. I really hope this doesn't deter you from reading my work, as I honestly sometimes still make these mistakes (in fact, I am doing one of them right now haha). Mistakes exist to help us grew so, I am actually happy that I was able to recognize these in my own writing, and hope that they will help you improve in your own projects.

Mistake #1: Avoid Using Too Many Words.

Using too many words is also known as "wordiness." Wordiness can be caused by being overly descriptive, using unnecessary or redundant words, or using too many adverbs and/or adjectives in your writing. Writers who are new to the craft tend to make this mistake while trying to "spice up" their writing or make it seem more professional. In reality, using too many words highlights the new writer's lack of experience. Avoid adding extra words, instead opting for words that carry more meaning. Take, for example, the following sentence. "The plant grew quickly over a period of ten days." In this sentence, we can remove the words "a period of" to simplify the sentence and end up with something that has less "fluff."

Mistake #2: Avoid Providing Excessive Details

Providing too many details will lead to a wordy piece of writing. The reader is capable of filling in small gaps with their imagination. It is best to trust your reader to understand what you wrote and see the picture you're trying to paint with your words. Ensure that you show your reader what's happening as opposed to explaining every action and detail in-depth. Your reader will be much more immersed in the story if they aren't taken out if it every time a new element is introduced. One way to avoid this mistake is to allow the characters to explain things themselves through their dialogue.

Mistake #3: Avoid Being Overly Descriptive

At first glance, not being overly descriptive may seem the same as not providing excessive details. While they are along the same lines, they are not identical. Being overly descriptive in your writing can put your reader off. When introducing a new character or story element, you want to describe it in moderate detail. Too much detail will overwhelm your reader while not enough will leave them with questions. Ideally, when describing a character, you should aim to highlight a few key points right away, and fill in details as you need them, or allow the reader to fill them in if they aren't critical to the storyline. For example, saying that a character has a specific color or style of hair may or may not be important later on in the storyline. If in doubt, leave it out!

Mistake #4: Avoid Excessive Perspective Changes

Avoiding perspective changes is extremely important when writing anything that contains a character. Popping back and forth between the character's heads is an excellent way to lose your reader in the action. Try to tell your story from the viewpoint of the main character without changing the POV or point of view too often. A good rule of thumb is to avoid using more than one protagonist unless absolutely necessary because switching away from your main character's viewpoint can weaken the bond that your reader has with the character.

These 4 things are not a complete and exhaustive list of every mistake that can be made while writing, but adhering to these guidelines will ensure that your writing isn't hampered by beginner mistakes that may detract from the quality of your writing.

Your Feedback Helps

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Until next time, walk good.

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