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Cover Reveal for To My Brother's Best Friend

It’s a typical story. Boy – Dallas Bull, in my case, aka the most egotistical, arrogant, son of a … I think you get the point - meets girl’s brother. Boy becomes best friends with girl’s brother.

Girl – Hazel Lopez, in case you weren’t following, that would be me - falls for boy. Girl confesses love, but boy believes she’s drunk – then never mentions it again … a genuine asshole move if you ask me. Girl ignores boy and starts a thriving business – until the recession hit, anyway.

Boy saves girl’s struggling business – not that girl had asked him to. Boy becomes girl’s Co-CEO. Then, in some strange twist of events, girl agrees to a fake engagement with boy to land her largest client to date – a fifty million dollar client at that with the added bonus of scraping his name off the wall.

Fine. So, it’s not typical, but it is my pitiful life. Now I just have to keep my mind on the task at hand and off my intrusive late-night fantasies.

Totally doable. Right?

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