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Deidre Reads Romance: Shot At Forever Book Review

Updated: Sep 22

My Official Rating: 4/5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Steam Rating: 3/5 Spice Peppers 🌶 🌶 🌶

Shot at Forever by Des Lorre Cover - Deidre Reads Romance

Book Blurb:

Shelby might be southern, but a debutante she definitely isn’t.

Reed thought he was going out for a night on the town with his boy. What didn’t expect to find was the woman he had been lusting after half-naked and ready to knock someone out. His friend is excited that he might be able to get an introduction to the steaming hot blond, but Reed isn’t willing to share with anyone.

Shelby has her eye set on making it to a title fight, which means she has no time for romance. Yet there is something about Reed’s stubbornness that gets to her, along with his sexy eyes and kissable lips.

Reed is determined to prove that he is strong enough to be in her corner, despite how many times Shelby pushes him away. When an opportunity presents itself, Reed will risk losing her in order to have her, but will Shelby open her heart and take a shot at having not only a title but the love of her life?

Each book is a standalone but look out for other characters making a cameo. No cliffhangers. No cheating.

In this "Shot at Forever book review," I delve into a romance where two worlds collide with a sizzle that would make a Southern barbecue proud. One world belongs to Reed, a man who thought he was in for just another night on the town with his friend. The other world is fiercely guarded by Shelby, a southern woman with her eye on the title fight, not on love. As the two discover each other's boundaries and hidden corners, the reader is taken on an emotional rollercoaster where every high and low is deliciously intense.

Shot at Forever book review - Deidre Reads Romance

Shot at Forever Book Review

Meet Our Protagonists


One of the more compelling aspects of "Shot at Forever" is its female lead, Shelby. She's not your stereotypical southern belle. This woman has grit, passion, and an ambition that would intimidate most men. Shelby's emotional armor is as tough as her right hook, making her an engrossing character that stands out in the romance genre.


Reed is a unique blend of rugged masculinity and sensitive understanding. Far from being just another alpha male in a romance novel, he's a character that listens, adapts, and gives as much as he takes. His relentless pursuit of Shelby does not feel predatory but rather like a determined soul seeking its match.

Let's Talk Plot

The Shot at Love plot isn’t about grand twists and turns, but more about the little moments that build up a relationship. It's about Reed trying to figure out how to be there for a woman who is used to standing alone.

It's also about Shelby finding her kryptonite in a man when she has been her own hero for so long. These nuanced personal arcs make the story feel alive and relatable. And I loved every minute of it!

Is The Romance Believable?

Abso-Freaking-Lutely! Despite the book being a shot read, Shot at Love isn’t exactly a tale of 'instalove'. Instead the story take you through gradual tension with Reed and Shelby fighting and clawing for affection that builds up over shared experiences and heated exchanges.

Reed doesn't just break through Shelby's walls; he becomes part of them, reinforcing her rather than diminishing her. The author manages to create a romantic atmosphere without making either character lose their essence, which is a tricky balance to strike.

Favorite Quote - Come on, You Knew It Was Coming!

The line "F the bed" is a line I'm never gonna forget. Ironically, it becomes not just an intimate catchphrase but a symbol of the couple's unorthodox relationship, if you really think about it. It signifies their willingness to break norms, challenge expectations, and define their own rules for love, you know to "F the bed" haha.

Will I Be Reading The Sequel? F**K Yes!

If you're wondering whether "Shot at Forever" has left me eager for more, the answer is a resounding F**K Yes! The story may offer a satisfying Happily-For-Now (HFN) ending, but it also leaves room for so much more.

I'm thrilled at the prospect of diving back into this world where love, ambition, and emotional complexity intersect in the most compelling ways. I'm all in. If this "Shot at Forever book review" has given you the sense that this is a universe worth exploring, believe me, it is! Check out Des Lorre's Website for more on this intriguing world!

Final Thoughts - Do I Recommend Shot at Forever?

"Shot at Forever" is a romantic cocktail that's equal parts sweet and spicy. Shelby and Reed's story is a memorable journey of mutual discovery against the backdrop of ambition and emotional vulnerability.

If you’re looking for a quick yet emotionally fulfilling read, with characters that linger in your thoughts long after you've turned the last page, then this is a book you should definitely add to your reading list.

Highly recommended for fans of contemporary romance who appreciate strong female leads and emotionally intelligent male counterparts. Reed can certainly be in my corner any day!

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