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Deidre Reads Romance: Speed Of My Hart Book Review

My Official Rating: 5/5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Steam Rating: 3/5 Spice Peppers 🌶 🌶 🌶

Speed Of My Heart Book Review - Deidre Reads Romance

Book Blurb:


Desperate to escape the chaos of my old life, I traded skyscrapers for small-town living, thanks to a tip from a sorority sister. I thought a quaint town would be a serene haven. It’s smaller than I’m used to, but maybe that is exactly what I need. What I don’t need is Lucas Walker, the prickly police officer. I swear besides being both hot and pushy he is determined to be my own personal thorn.


My priorities are clear: family and protecting this small town that I love. When Sloane, the ultimate "fish out of water”, manages to insult both in one fell swoop, she becomes my personal mission. She gets under my skin in ways I never thought possible. I don’t normally lose my calm demeanor, but this beauty pushes buttons I didn’t know I had. When circumstances force us into close quarters, I find my Southern hospitality unexpectedly kicking in. I mean it’s only for a day, right?

Speed of His Hart is an enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, law enforcement, fish out of water, small-town romance filled with family, friends, and enough town gossip to keep you smiling the whole way through.

As always, you can expect no cliffhangers, no cheating, open-door loving, and happy endings. Be sure to stay tuned for the next book in the Walker series coming October 2023.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that "Speed of My Hart" is actually the second book based in this gorgeous town even though it's book one on Amazon? What's an even better fun fact is that you can get the first book (the prequel if you will), "Dear You" for FREE by joining TL Russ'snewsletter HERE! See I got you with the hookup lol. Now on to the actual Speed Of My Hart Book Review.

Deidre Reads Romance Speed of My Heart Rating

Speed Of My Hart Book Review

Meet Our Protagonists


Perhaps what makes "Speed of My Heart" so gripping is its lead, Sloane. Far from just a city girl lost in a small town, Sloane boasts a complexity that resonates with readers. With a fiery spirit and an unmatched resilience, she stands tall in a world that constantly tries to shake her, making her one of the most memorable characters I've encountered in romance literature.


Enter Lucas, the embodiment of dedication and local pride. While he may wear the badge of a police officer, he truly wears his heart on his sleeve. Unlike typical alpha males we often see, Lucas is both protector and partner, navigating his feelings and duties with grace. His growing fondness for Sloane showcases his ability to embrace change while holding onto his roots.

Let's Talk Plot

I won't bore you with things you can find in the blurb because you know that already. What you don't know is that "Speed of My Heart" isn’t just a romance novel. Oh no no no. It’s a story about acceptance, growth, and the undeniable pull of love. Lucas grapples with the challenge of understanding a woman so different, yet so similar to him.

On the other hand, Sloane learns what it means to be a fish out of water, finding solace in unexpected places and people. Their journeys, intertwined with humor, passion, and undeniable tension, are what makes this novel a page-turner.

Is The Romance Believable?

Come on? Is the sky blue? That's a Heck Yes! "Speed of My Heart" takes readers on a realistic journey of love that doesn’t feel rushed. Sloane and Lucas don’t just magically fall in love; they walk through a maze of emotions, misunderstandings, and undeniable chemistry.

Lucas doesn't simply become a fleeting chapter in Sloane's life. Instead, he becomes a story she wants to read over and over. The way TL Russ paints their relationship shows a deep understanding of what real romance looks like – messy, challenging, but oh-so-beautiful.

Favorite Quote - Come on, You Knew It Was Coming!

One particular line that will forever be etched in my memory is: “I meant it, Sloane. You touch me and I’ll take you. We won’t make it back to that couch. I’ll bend you over right here on the side of the road if need be.” This line, bold and intense, perfectly encapsulates the fervent passion and tension that exists between Sloane and Lucas. It's not just a statement; it's an embodiment of their explosive dynamic.

Will I Be Reading The Sequel? Absolutely!

"Speed of My Heart" does a remarkable job of not only telling a complete story but also teasing the reader for more. The hints about the next book in the Walker series already have me marking my calendar for October 2023. If this review hasn’t made it clear already, I'm eagerly awaiting my next trip to this enchanting world.

Final Thoughts - Do I Recommend Speed Of My Hart?

Without a doubt, "Speed of My Heart" is a captivating blend of humor, passion, and heartwarming moments. With relatable characters like Sloane and Lucas driving the narrative, it’s impossible not to get invested in their story.

For anyone seeking a novel that offers a refreshing take on romance, challenges stereotypes, and leaves a lasting impression, "Speed of My Heart" is a must-read. Don’t just take my word for it – dive in and experience the magic yourself!

Highly recommended for fans of fun contemporary romance short reads who appreciate strong female leads and confident yet protective male counterparts. Thank you for reading my Speed of My Hart Book Review. Happy Reading!

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