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Review of Baiting Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Hi guys, I don’t know if anyone was more excited than I was to grab a copy of Baiting Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds, and I am super excited to let you know what my thoughts are after reading it. As usual, we start with a brief disclaimer. The views presented in this post are 100% my own and are not intended to sway you in any way against or towards any particular direction. This is simply my honest thoughts of the book. Now let’s dive into the actual review.

Book Blurb

Chrissie doesn’t have time for guys, hot or otherwise; most days, she barely has time to sleep. With a thriving bakery that demands her attention and plenty of proof that relationships aren’t worth the trouble, she’s content to go it alone. Too bad she’s unwittingly baited Mr. Tall, Dark, and Way Too Gorgeous—and he’s just waiting for a chance to bite.

Gaston is used to getting what he wants, but he also knows nothing good ever comes easy. From the moment he meets Chrissie, he realizes that this woman who makes him laugh, smells like cupcakes, and looks like a tasty snack is going to be his greatest challenge. And if he’s lucky, she’ll be his biggest reward.

But someone else wants to catch Gaston at all costs—even if it means endangering the lives of the people he loves. Somehow Gaston must thwart danger and convince Chrissie that he’s the perfect catch.

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My Opinion

Rating - 4 Stars

This one is a bit bittersweet for me (I will explain why in a second). I went into Baiting Him with ultra-high expectations, and I am thrilled that this book did not disappoint. Baiting Him is the second installment of Aurora’s How To Catch An Alpha series. After enjoying Catching Him, book 1, and now, Baiting him, book 2, it is clear that Aurora Rose Reynolds has a gift for writing swoon-worthy storylines with delicious sex scenes.

The novel follows Chrissie, Leah’s friend (from book 1), on her sizzling journey to love with Gaston, the club the owner she meets in the men’s bathroom at Leah’s bachelorette party. There was instant chemistry from the moment they laid eyes on his other, and I was here for every agonizing minute that Chrissie made Guston work to earn her love.

Okay, here comes my explanation about the bittersweet aspect. This book was a four-star for me. I would have loved to see the couple’s relationship tested more from outside sources as that would have made it a tad more believable. Then again, that could mean that I like to have drama in romance novels that rip the couple apart then watch as the couple defies all odds and allow their love to bring them back together again. So, I kept sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting for the bar manager or Chrissie’s mom to throw a wrench their vision of love and have their love grow even more as they defy all odds.

On the other hand, though, I did still enjoy how Gus handled his overly flirtatious bar manager when laying the cards out on the table, and loved that he instantly made Chrissie his number one priority as soon as he laid eyes on her. In so many ways, it was him who was baiting Chrissie, who, in turn, had no clue that she was baiting him by simply being herself.

All in all, this novel is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face if you love easy-going, swoon-worthy, contemporary romances. I can’t wait to get to know more about Anna, Chrissie’s new assistant, while she finds the love of her life in Hooking Him (book 3).

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