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Review of Yield by Lilia Moon

Hi guys, today we'll be discussing a novella that was strangely recommended to me by my husband: Yield (Fettered, Book 1) by Lilia Moon. As usual, we start with a brief disclaimer. The views presented in this post are 100% my own and are not intended to sway you in any way against or towards any particular direction. This is simply my honest thoughts of the book. Now let’s dive into the actual review.

Book Blurb

She's a wedding planner. He owns a BDSM club. The last thing they're expecting... is each other.

Emily Madigan is Seattle’s best wedding planner. Her superpower is managing a thousand details without dropping a single one, and her deepest desire is an hour-long bubble bath and a foot rub.

Until her newest clients want to get married at a BDSM club.

Damon Black owns Fettered. He’s proud of who he is and what he does, and nothing scares him – until two of his favorite people want to get married at the place where they fell in love, no matter how many spanking benches they have to move out of the way to do it.

Damon knows as soon as he lays eyes on Emily that she doesn’t belong in his world. A quick tour of his club will prove it.

Except it doesn't.

If you haven't read the book as yet, feel free to grab a copy of the book on Amazon here:


My Opinion

Rating - 4 Stars

I went into this book blind, with no clue what it was about. I hadn't read the blurb. I didn't even see the cover until I was already 20% in. I just knew my husband, who generally reads fantasy, recommended it, and I figured I would give it a go. Boy oh boy, am I glad I did.

Yield is an erotic romance based around BDSM that was well written and extremely informative. My knowledge of BDSM is pretty limited (much like Emily, our protagonist). However, Lilia Moon ensured that the story took you on the journey into the BDSM lifestyle right along with our protagonist. I loved that it did that.

The storyline line here introduced a romance between not only Emily and her new Dom, Damen, but also Emily and the BDSM lifestyle. Would I have loved to see more development of their relationship outside of the bedroom? Absolutely. Could the story have benefited from a few more pages to show the complexities of our main characters? Sure. But, the story, as is, served its purpose. It was entertaining, informative, and a heck of a steamy read.

I think this was a great introduction to the Fettered Series. I don't know how this has slipped by my radar since 2016 when it was released, but I look forward to discovering all seven books in this series.

Do you agree with my review?

Have you read this book? If so, I would love to know your thoughts. Let's get a conversation going in the comments below to share your feedback and thoughts with other readers.

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