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Spill The Sweet Tea by Lyra Parish - Book Review

Updated: Sep 22

My Official Rating: 5/5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Steam Rating: 4/5 Spice Peppers 🌶 🌶 🌶🌶

Spill The Sweet Tea by Lyra Parish - Book Cover - Deidre Reads Romance

Book Blurb:

Some describe me as a quirky, free-spirited journalist who charges her crystals by moonlight. They’re not wrong.

My instincts ensure I know everything that goes on in my small town. And not much surprises me. But when the man who destroyed my heart returns to care for his family’s business, I’m shaken to the core.

After our messy breakup, Hayden Shaw swore he’d never come back to Valentine, Texas.

Years later, I’m still trying to forget we ever existed.

Damn near impossible when he’s now everywhere.

A constant reminder of what could have been.

Rumors swirl about his true intentions, but a little gossip has never bothered me. However, if winning over my heart is his end game, he can hang up his spurs because I won’t make the same mistake twice—or will I?

Spill the Sweet Tea is a second chance, hate-to-love you, grumpy/sunshine contemporary small-town southern romance with rom-com vibes and a happily ever after. Each book in the Valentine Texas series is a stand-alone. Warning: this romance book contains tons of southern sass, lots of woo-woo, and small-town gossip! Fade to black and cheating are not included.

Hey, book lovers! Today, I'm beyond excited to talk about a book that's not just ticked off all my favorite tropes but has also done so with exceptional storytelling finesse. The book in question is "Spill The Sweet Tea" by Lyra Parish, the second installment in her Valentine Texas series. Let's get into this Spill The Sweet Tea by Lyra Parish - Book Review!

Spill The Sweet Tea by Lyra Parish - Book Promo - Deidre Reads Romance

Spill The Sweet Tea by Lyra Parish - Book Review

The Magic of Lyra Parish's Writing

When it comes to capturing the essence of small-town romance, Lyra Parish is unbeatable. Valentine, Texas, almost feels like a character in its own right—a character filled with charming quirks, local gossip mills, and families who are perhaps a little too involved in each other's lives. But that's the beauty of it; the town gives a warm, cozy backdrop that you'll fall in love with instantly.

Tropes You Can Expect

"Spill The Sweet Tea" is a smorgasbord of my absolute favorite romantic tropes:

✅ Second chance romance ✅ Small-town setting ✅ Hate-to-love dynamics ✅ Happily Ever After ✅ Dual Point of View ✅ And let's not forget the spice!

Let's Talk Characters - Were They Relatable?

The story revolves around Hayden and Kinsley, high-school sweethearts who part ways only to reunite after a decade. Hayden can be my Zaddy any day, with his charismatic demeanor and emotional depth.

Then there's Kinsley—a sassy, southern belle whom we fell in love with in Bless Your Heart. Kinsley is a woman who kfnows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it.

Was The Relationship Believable?

Abso-Freaking-Lutely! In fact, the thing I loved most about this book was the palpable chemistry between Hayden and Kinsley. They bring a level of comfort, sass, and fire to their relationship that's simply enthralling. Plus, the banter between them is witty, fun, and full of sparks, which made me root for them even more.

Okay, Okay Let's Discuss The Elephant In The Room: Was Kinsley A Homewrecker?

There is nothing I hate more in a book than active cheating. So, as you'd expect, I had initial reservations about Hayden possibly being engaged at the start of the story after seeing the promo. However, I should've known that Lyra was gonna do us right.

I'm happy to report that there was ABSOLUTELY NO form of cheating being Hayden and Kinsley! Neither emotionally nor physically! Lyra handles this aspect with an elegant touch that maintains the suspense and drama without crossing any ethical boundaries. It was chef's kiss and a further testament to her brilliant storytelling.

There's no shortage of emotion in "Spill The Sweet Tea." As Hayden and Kinsley navigate their way through past hurts, the narrative takes us through a journey of healing, forgiveness, and the magic of second chances.

Final Thoughts - So, Do I Recommend Spill The Sweet Tea?

F**K Yes!! Spill The Sweet Tea is a MUST READ for anyone who loves a small-town, second chance romance with a hefty dose of spice and a sassy female lead. The dual POV offers depth, the family dynamics are heartwarming, and the chemistry between Hayden and Kinsley is electric. I’m already eagerly awaiting Butter My Buscuit, the next installment in the Valentine Texas series (Harrison's story).

Thank you, Lyra Parish, not only for the Advance Review Copy but also for creating this magnificent world that I'm utterly in love with. This is a book you'll want to read cover-to-cover without any interruptions. Trust me, it's that good! 😍 Happy Reading!

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